How to start a drop shipping business ?

Drop Shipping Business

what is drop shipping ?

Drop shipping mean move (goods) from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without going through the usual distribution channels for example:

drop shipping lmpodt

You list products of all drop shipping supplier on your website and when a customer buy a product on your website . it will notify the supplier and the supplier then ship their product to the customer with your brand name not their so customer will see that they order product from your site.

How to become rich with drop shipping


You can earn by commissions by each product for example:

If a seller sell a product in $20 but you list the product with $23 if a customer buy the product @ $23 then you earn commission $3 on each product without any burden.

How much you can Earn

Their are lots of websites that are earning millions through drop shipping. Today it very fastest way to become rich in short time

How to find suppliers / drop shippers

Their are two best method for this :

Local – Find local suppliers near by you city and contact them.

Online- Their are lots of supplier available online like oberlo for shopify they supply products of ali express. ( hot in demand)

psdkart the drop shipping products designs

Website Development

We can develop your drop shipping website in shopify in $500 with oberlo integration so you can sell drop shipping products from ali express.

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